New Members

New members are welcome to join our group. Members must have a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) to fly KMH.

The hourly cost to operate KMH is $270 (wet) charged on tacho time. This cost includes fuel, oil and provisions for maintenance, engine and propeller overhaul.

Each member pays an annual levy to cover fixed costs (insurance policy etc.), the 2023-24 levy is $575 per member.

Membership is based on purchasing a share of the group (aircraft and hangar), the group is currently valued at $100,000 – which is significantly less than the value of the assets. The assets of the group include the aircraft, hangar and a fund to cover the cost of engine and propeller replacement.

There are currently 8 members in the syndicate. The value of a 1/8th share is $12,500. If more shares are created the value of each share goes down and a distribution is made to existing members.

As you can see our group has very low financial barriers to entry. KMH is operated very economically and has been for many years. There aren’t many Cessna 172s so well equipped that can be operated by a private pilot for $270 per hour tacho.

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining the group please contact Christian McVeigh using the form below.

Information current as at 21/10/2023